Mason Club Sports: Post Competition Report Feb. 4-5

Posted: February 8, 2017 at 3:05 pm

Mason Club Sports

Post competiton



Crew Club: The Crew Club competed in the MidAtlantic Erg Sprints regatta in Alexandria on Saturday. They faced various Virginia based high schools and colleges and had successes in a number of events. Event results are listed below.

  • College Men’s 500m
    • Jose Martini-1st Place
    • Wyatt Rush- 3rd Place
    • Garrett Whitescarver- 4th place
  • College Coxswain Men’s 500m
    • Russel Heller- 1st Place
  • College Coxswain Women’s 500m
    • DJ Mendoza- 3rd Place
    • Emily Metz- 6th Place
  • College Men’s 2k
    • Josh Martini- 4th Place
  • College Freshman Men’s 2k
    • Justin Brunjes- 2nd Place
  • Mixed 5 minute Quad Slide
    • Justin Brunjes & Daniel lunongo- 2nd Place
  • College Men’s 5 minute Quad Slide
    • Sam Gallerano, Andrew Price, Chase Lattimore, David Lambrecht- 2nd Place


Ski & Snowboard: The Ski & Snowboard club travelled to Massanutten Mountain to compete with 12 other universities. Some highlights included Caroline Fudala placing 4th and 7th in her first Slopestyle competition. John Friedersdorf made it to the finals of the second competition, which is the top 20, and placed 11th in his second ever Slopestyle event. Other event results are listed below.

  • Men’s Slopestyle 1
    • John Friedersdorf- 16th with a score of 4.03
  • Men’s Slopestyle 2
    • John Friedersdorf- 11th with a score of 4.35
  • Women’s Ski Freestyle 1&2
    • Caroline Fudala- 4th and 7th with a score of 2.86 and 1.45
  • Women’s Ski Slalom
    • Caroline Fudala- 25th with a time of 1:49:70
  • Men’s Ski Giant Slalom
    • Tristan Shuler- 43rd with a time of 1:16:83