Mason Recreation Students Attend Suncoast Flag Football Official’s Workshop

Posted: November 14, 2014 at 11:10 pm, Last Updated: November 19, 2014 at 9:27 am


In August, four Mason Intramural students attended the 4th Annual Suncoast Flag Football Official’s Workshop in Tampa Bay, Florida. Julian Felder, Luigi Fernandez, Austin Post and Will Adams, along with students from other universities, attended the workshop to learn from some of the best flag football clinicians in the business. While there, they trained on Saturday and most of Sunday, but they also had some time for fun.

According to Luigi and Julian, they decided to go because they thought it would be a good learning experience. Luigi, a junior majoring in Sports Management, says that he learned the basics and the mechanics of refereeing flag football. He says, “I believe I was fairly successful this season because I attended the clinic.” Julian, a senior also in Sports Management and a referee supervisor this year, says that he learned how to teach others to referee. Austin, a sophomore studying Criminology, says he felt honored to be able to go and to learn from the best of the best. He states, “The experience was great! I feel like after attending the beginner course I came back knowing what to do.”

Austin describes the after-hours bowling event the clinic put on as at time to meet other students who also attended the workshop. While socializing, they had time to find out how intramural programs are run at other schools. Before returning home, the four got to visit Clearwater Beach and do some indoor surfing.

They all agree they would recommend the clinic to others. Julian says, “I’d recommend it for both new and returning referees because they cater to exactly what participants are interested in.” Luigi agrees. He says, “It felt like a professional business trip. I went feeling uneasy. But when I left, I felt confident in my abilities.”