Valentine’s Day / Partner Exercise

Posted: February 14, 2017 at 9:00 am, Last Updated: March 22, 2016 at 5:33 pm

Valentine’s Day is here again. Winter is in full force. You are faced with a problem and feeling conflicted. On one hand, you want to spend time with your significant other. On the other hand, you want to continue exercising through the cold winter month. You would love to go hiking with him/her or run around outside together, but the weather simply is not allowing that. What do you do?

I’LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU DO! You try out these 11 partner exercises! Get the best of both worlds. Exercising AND spending time with one of your favorite people!

  1.  Abs Workout Partner
    Nothing quite shows love and/or friendship like pushing your partner’s legs to the floor repeatedly. This is a great abdominal exercise for the person on the floor and a great trust exercise for both people. Just make sure you keep your legs straight as the person laying down.
  2. Situps with Medicine Ball
    Playing catch and working out! Do situps with your partner while throwing a medicine ball back and forth to one another. This exercise increases coordination, arm strength, and, of course, one’s core strength.
  3. Medicine Ball exercise 2
    Speed, speed, speed. That is the name of the game with this exercise. How many times can you and your partner move a medicine ball around each other in 30 seconds? In a minute? How long can you go at a consistent speed before stopping? Challenge each other to keep pushing and break your personal records.
  4. Pick eachother up
    “I pick things up and put them down.” This time, you are the thing! Grasp each other’s hand and alternate one person falling to the ground and one person picking the other up. It may seem silly, but this is a simple exercise that can be a lot of fun with the right person. Picking up another person uses a range of muscles and falling to the ground in a controlled manner without bringing the other person down is great for your core, balance, and trust.
  5. Group Dance
    “I wanna dance with somebody! I wanna feel the heat with somebody!” Whether it is with one person or a whole group of people, dancing is one of the best and most fun exercises out there. It does not matter how you dance as long as you are moving, grooving, and having fun. Turn on your favorite music, grab your partner, and dance the night away! Your heart and lungs will thank you later for the cardio workout.
  6. Human Wheelbarrow
    The human wheelbarrow is another silly yet fun way to exercise with your partner. As seen in the picture, one person places both hands on the floor while the other holds their legs by the ankles and you walk. When you can make it a race with another couple, it becomes a great and competitive game. The ‘wheelbarrow’ strengthens their shoulders and arms while the person holding the wheelbarrow will be working their back, legs, arms and shoulders. Not bad for an exercise used primarily as a game!
  7. Medicine Ball exercise
    This exercise is very similar to the third exercise on this list. Instead of going East and West with the medicine ball, you pass the ball North and South over your head and through your legs. See how fast you can work the ball around your bodies. This exercise is a little more difficult and may tire you out quicker, but it is a fun and beneficial exercise do to with your partner.
  8. Wall Squats Back to Back 3 Wall Squats Back to Back 2
    Another variation of the classic squat. Stand back-to-back with your partner, link your arms, and squat! This variation focuses even more on balance, your core, and proper form. If you lean back too far, you will push your partner down. If you don’t push back at all, you will get knocked down. Try going up and down for multiple reps, or use each other as a wall and challenge yourself to perform a wall squat for as long as possible.
  9.  Yoga Partner 1Yoga Partner 3
    Ooommmmm! Take a deep breath and meditate with your partner. Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of moves and positions for you. Some of the positions pictured will challenge your physical abilities. Yoga is sometimes inaccurately seen as easy and boring, but it can be a great workout as well.
  10. Leap Frog
    Ribbit ribbit! The classic childhood game is being brought back just for you! Grab another couple and see who can leapfrog fastest, or just play with your partner and have some fun. It’s a simple game but sometimes simple is better.
  11. pushups situps combo
    Challenge each other! Take some common exercises and add a little twist. Have one person do pushups while holding the feet of the person doing situps. Alternate reps where one person doesn’t go until the other person is finished. Mix it up! You like being around each other, so have fun with these exercises!


Practice makes perfect with these exercises. You may even get a chance to put some of these exercises into practice and learn new ones at this year’s Be My Fit Valentine on February 11th! Be sure to register for the event by clicking on the link below so that you and your partner in crime can continue exercising together!

If you’re still unsure, check out the highlight video from one of our Be My Fit Valentine events here:

Hope to see you at the RAC!!

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