Gold Access Classes now FREE for Fall 2020

Posted: September 28, 2020 at 1:18 pm

Fitness schedules run through Nov 20 | Gold Access classes are *FREE* for Fall 2020! 

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Registration will need to be done in advance for both virtual and in person classes. Learn how to register here

Note: Come dressed for class because the locker rooms are not available and participants are responsible for bringing  their own equipment. 

Pro Tip: For pre-recorded workouts made by our instructors, log onto Mason’s BurnAlong website and visit our Mason Recreation page. Learn more about Burnalong here.

Virtual Gold Access Schedule

Virtual Gold Access Fitness Schedule

All virtual classes are offered via Zoom. Online reservations are required for all classes. End of Semester Schedule runs November 30-December 11.

4:00pm - 5:00pmYoga with StefanYoga with SamCardio Yoga with Catherine

In-Person Gold Access Schedule

Spring 2021 Gold Access In-Person Classes

Classes run February 8 - April 30! Participants must follow our Group Fitness Safety Protocol as well as reserve their spot in class HERE.

4:15pm-5:15pmCardio Yoga with Catherine in RAC Martial Arts Room
5:45pm-6:45pmYoga with Sean in RAC Martial Arts RoomYoga with Sean in RAC Martial Arts RoomYoga with Sam in RAC Martial Arts Room

Note: Members must bring their own equipment for the in person class (i.e., mat, block, straps, blanket, etc.).