GMU Women’s Club Lacrosse — Jiordan Carter

Posted: April 27, 2017 at 11:32 am

Before college, I had played lacrosse for about 11 years. I played from middle school up until I graduated high school. I was always extremely athletic. Some years I participated in a sport every season just to continuously stay active. However, after I graduated high school, I wanted to take some time away from sports because I had felt like sports had become more of a routine instead of an activity I truly enjoyed. I decided to use the time that was dedicated to playing sports to try and develop other hobbies I have always been interested in but just haven’t had the time to do. I spent my freshman year reflecting on who I was and what being an athlete meant to me. I wanted to find out how much of an impact sports actually had on my life, now that I completely had the choice to continue to compete or not.

After a whole year of not competing in sports, I realized how much I missed being a part of a team. I missed that feeling of excitement you get when you make an awesome play or win a big game. I wanted to experience that again, so I decided to join the GMU Women’s Club Lacrosse team. The club lacrosse team was a good way for me to be a part of an actual competition again without too much of a demanding commitment. The practices were necessary and insightful, but very fun and relaxed as well. We didn’t have a very long season but every game we played, everyone put their all into it. We all worked well as a team together and it felt great to enjoy playing a sport I loved. I felt that it was amazing to play a sport I loved without too much pressure about being the best or not making any mistakes. I could feel at ease while playing the game.

I realized how much I had been missing out on when I took that year off. To anyone who loves to play sports for the passion of the game but also wants to simply have fun without the games/practices being too much of a burden, I recommend joining a club team of your favorite sport. You will get to have fun representing Mason by playing a sport you love. Our lacrosse team ended with a record of 2-2, and I am extremely proud to be a part of the team and will continue to be a part of the team in the near future.


By: Jiordan Carter