How to Get Excited about Working Out

Posted: April 15, 2017 at 12:56 am

By: Destany Martin

Sometimes, it seems like working out is the absolute last thing you want to do. Not everyone genuinely likes working out (like myself), and often times we are very busy which can drain our energy and make us less likely to want to go to the gym. In moments like these, some kind of motivation is necessary. From personal experience, I have to get myself “in the mood” in order to work out otherwise I just will not go, or I won’t be as willing to put forth the necessary effort. I have found out that when I am feeling this way, I have to try different methods in order to get motivated to go work out.

If the thought of being at the gym for an hour of my day is too long and unrealistic for my energy level, I will set a smaller goal. For example, I will tell myself I will only be there for half an hour. This helps the workout seem easier and less intimidating. While sometimes I only have time for half an hour, or feel unbearably tired; most times I can trick myself into setting a smaller goal, and by exceeding it once I am then in the right headspace. Another thing that I have found to be really helpful is looking at inspirational posts on the internet or social media. Sometimes, I will go on Instagram and look at health and fitness pages that post inspiring quotes about healthy living and it really helps excite me about the benefits of working out. Sometimes I’ll even watch YouTube videos of weight-loss stories that help me stay motivated. I find that this is my most helpful method of getting workout ready, and also helps me stay motivated long-term within my own fitness journey. Lastly, I found that if I absolutely have to, I will have a pre-workout coffee or snack that provides energy. While I do not necessarily like doing this, caffeine definitely does the trick.

Whatever works for you, use it! Be aware of what helps you the most and try to lean on that when necessary. The simple fact is, most of us are not always excited to work out. We’re human. However, with a little extra push, we can do it.