Working Out With A Partner

Posted: November 4, 2014 at 12:22 pm

By Savannah Nortonworkoutbuddy

Some students have a hard time getting themselves to the gym. Not everyone associates the gym with a fun or relaxing experience. Certainly many of us find it hard to stay motivated to eat better and exercise. It can be hard to hold ourselves accountable. That is why going to the gym with a friend can enhance your workout experience. It gives you the chance to keep your body healthy and build relationships.

Workout buddies can keep you accountable. They help you determine if your workouts are moving you toward your goals. It is okay to be picky when choosing this specific partner. Workout buddies can be the key to helping you perform your best. A 2011 study published in Psychology of Sport and Exercise found that “the exercise habits of people you know have a positive influence on your exercise habits.” Thus, it is wise to pick a workout buddy who knows a bit about the gym facilities and how the machines work. This will give you the best potential to help you have a successful workout.

You know the saying, “a little competition never hurt anyone.” An addition to this idea would be, “especially healthy competition.” According to Fit Body HQ, one study found that participants perform better when they are paired up with a workout partner who is in better shape than they are. This study found that to maximize your workout, the buddy should be about 40% better than their partner. This is known as the Kohler Effect, also known as not wanting to be the weakest link.

Workout buddies can also keep an eye out for their partner’s form and any obvious mistakes when completing a workout. It is also nice to have a spotting partner ready when you do squats or bench press, making the workout much safer. Having a workout buddy will bring new skills, techniques, and knowledge to a workout. They can introduce new exercises, correct form, and a fresh perspective on ways of being active. Variety in a workout helps to avoid boredom. Having a workout partner will always keep things interesting and fun.

Although this discussion has focused on your workout buddy try not to forget your contribution. Workout buddies might need their partner for some of the same reasons that the partner needs them. Your commitment should be to keep each other on a workout schedule and thinking healthfully. So, having a workout buddy is a positive way to make sure a workout is safe, enjoyable and help you get the results you seek. Besides, why work out without a smile?



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