Home for the Holidays!

Posted: December 19, 2014 at 9:13 am, Last Updated: December 19, 2014 at 3:20 pm


You can’t wait to sleep in your own bed and to get a home-cooked meal from Mom! Seeing your family and friends sounds like a dream! But keep in mind that you’ve been on your own for several months and going back home could be a strain on you and on those you love. Keep the following tips in mind when going home for the holidays.

Offer to help. While your parents may be anxious to have you back home and to “take care” of their college student, be sure to chip in and help with things like laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc. This will show them that you’re growing into a responsible adult and will provide everyone with a more shared holiday experience.

Honor your family’s time. Your personal schedule is more than likely different from your parent’s. While home on break, your parents may still be working. Offer to run errands while they’re at work so they have more time to spend with you while you’re home. Also, be sure to keep things quiet at night so that your family can get their needed sleep for work as well as for all the family festivities.

Honor your friend’s time. You’ll want to visit with friends who went off to their own colleges and with those who stayed at home. Remember that those who have been away at school need to spend time with their families too. Be sure to coordinate so that everyone has ample time to spend with all their loved ones.

Maintain, or begin a good diet. This can be challenging during a holiday season filled with cookies, candies, and rich holiday foods, but try to minimize indulging in these foods every day. By eating a mostly healthy diet during the holidays, you’ll decrease the chance you’ll gain holiday weight and you might even decrease your weight since you’ll be eating Mom’s home cooked meals!

Get lots of rest. While tempting to stay up every night with your friends and family, be sure to recover from the hard work you did during the Fall Semester and to prepare for the Spring Semester. Not only will rest allow you to clear your mind and to get ready for Spring, but rest is critical in maintaining good health during the cold and flu season.

Going home for the holidays can be as amazing as you hope it is. Remember to pitch in and be a contributing member of the family. Mom and Dad will appreciate your assistance and will be proud of the young adult you are!