Partner Workouts Work! by Jennifer Lehman, MS RYT

Posted: February 11, 2015 at 3:43 pm


Are you looking for better results from your work outs? Recent research shows that having a workout partner or a virtual partner can make a difference in your workouts. From being accountable to someone to pushing yourself harder, working out with a partner is proving to be the way to go.


Research shows that exercisers not only achieve better results when working out with a partner, they achieve even greater results when working out with someone who has a higher fitness level. Additionally, when the exerciser is put on a “team” who works out with someone at a high fitness level, the results are even better. Results vary with some doubling their workout times and intensities up some even quadrupling their efforts. This not only suggests that greater results are achieved by partnering, but group exercisers often see the most dramatic results.


Other reasons to work out with a partner are:

  • You’re more likely to go to work out if you’re accountable to someone
  • You get to socialize while working out
  • Workout partners tend to keep each other “honest” with their nutrition goals
  • Partners who vow to make healthy life changes are more likely to succeed
  • Partner exercise preferences may vary providing opportunities to engage in activities you may not normally choose to do.


Whether you work out with one or more people, or you prefer a virtual partner, results show that more than likely, you’ll see better results. Below are a few virtual apps to choose from: