Mason Recreation Fitness Classes—Give Them A Try

Posted: September 9, 2015 at 2:09 pm

By Alison M. Hall, MS, CPT

Have you ever walked past a Zumba class and thought, “that looks like fun, but can I do that?” Or have you ever heard the music pumping from the group cycle room and thought, “I’d love to ride to that music, but can I really go in that big, dark room?” Group fitness classes can be scary at first, especially if you don’t know anyone in the class or if you haven’t taken one before. However, Mason Recreation group fitness welcomes everyone. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to set up a bike, if you believe you have two left feet, or if you’ve never exercised in a group setting before. All of our instructors are certified fitness professionals, and they are trained in how to help a beginner. If you already love Zumba and rock every cycle class, you will get an amazing workout in our other group fitness classes too. Each class truly offers different experiences and levels.GEX Benefits

Group fitness classes offer many benefits beyond simply exercising on your own. The classes create a fun social environment, a consistent schedule, and a safe and well-designed workout with no prior knowledge or experience necessary. Additionally, there is an accountability factor. The instructor will welcome you back each time you come. Seasoned participants will congratulate you for joining in. New friends will text you to make sure you’re going to show up, whether it is 6:15 am boot camp, noon cycling, or 6:30 pm yoga. Group fitness creates a new camaraderie and accountability among participants and the instructor.

Another benefit of group fitness is variety. One common reason for quitting an exercise program is boredom. Our instructors offer a variety of formats and styles to challenge you all semester long. Each cycle instructor has his or her own style of music. Each Zumba class has a different flavor. Each yoga instructor offers his/her own personal touch. Every martial arts and self-defense format has its own focus.

To some, the variety of exercise options can be overwhelming. Our group fitness schedule does offer a lot of options, but another benefit of group fitness is that each class has a description. Read the description and start with one or two classes that interest you. Get comfortable with those classes, then try something new, or if you like a particular format, try a new instructor. Keep up that pattern, and you will take control of your own fitness destiny.

Finally, the most common reason given for quitting an exercise program is lack of time. All of our classes are an hour or less, including 30-minute classes offered Monday–Thursday at 5:00 pm. Our full schedule is available at Green Access classes (Group Exercise and Cycle) are always free for full-time Mason students and for a minimal facility membership fee for part-time students. Unlimited Gold Access classes (Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts and Self-Defense) are $50 for students and $70 for other Mason Recreation members for the entire semester. If you have questions you can contact us at We can’t wait to see you in class!