2017 Employee Award Winners

Posted: May 17, 2017 at 1:05 pm, Last Updated: May 19, 2017 at 11:34 am



The recreation department gathered together for the annual end of the year cookout and awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 9th.  In addition to an abundance amount of food and games played, the time is used to recognize our graduating seniors, area award winners and announce the departmental employee of the year recipient.  Congratulations to all!

Department Awards Recipients:

  • Fall Employee of the Semester – KJ Walter (AFC/Skyline Operations)
  • Spring Employee of the Semester – Matthew Mast (Aquatic Programming)
  • Recreation Employee of the Year – Mike Morris (Aquatic Operations)

Area Awards:

AFC and Skyline Operations

  • The Glue Stick Award – Lizzy Spooner
  • The Green Submarine Award – Jay-r San Luis
  • Most Improved – Holli Helm
  • FISH Customer Service Award – Charlene Agustin
  • Mighty Mentor – Andrew Trumpler

Aquatic Operations

  • Rescue Randy Award – Taylor Rhinehart
  • The Hoagie Award –
  • DiCaprio Award – Jake McCusker
  • FISH Customer Service Award – Gio Encarncion
  • Aquatic – Mike Morris

Aquatic Programs

  • Swim Instructor of the Year – Maya Stallings
  • Safety Instructor of the Year – Mike Morris


  • Most Likely to Lend a Helping Hand – Alex Butterfield
  • Most Likely to Show Grace Under Pressure – Laura Wingfield


  • C’s Finest Award — Grant Gravette
  • C’s Finest Award — Tara Esmaeili
  • C’s Finest Award — Sean Kohler
  • C’s Finest Award — Justin Sumblin


  • Rookie of the Year – Hesler Reyes
  • Golden Whistle – Alyssa Nacman
  • MVP – Susan Murphy

Outdoor Adventures

  • Rookie of the Year – Emily Cissell
  • Grandma Gatewood Award – Emily Busch

RAC/Park Operations

  • The “Key” to the RAC – Adrian Acuna
  • Most Improved – Hailey Quigley
  • FISH Customer Service Award – Kai’ulani Grebin
  • Mighty Mentor – Gavi Siman Tov


  • “Bringing Home the Bacon” Award – Liz Vana


Congratulations to all of the award winners and thank you to the entire staff for making 2016-2017 an amazing year!  Have a great summer!